IA comedic webisode based on true stories 

starring guest artists across the entertainment industry.

"Breakdown" is a real world look at the entertainment workers in Los Angeles California as 2020 shifts the industry into a new era of filmmaking. "Breakdown" expresses the horror, humor and heartwarming aspects of struggling to make it big.


Some guest stars include Emma Halleen, Megan Rach, Elle LeBlanc, Allie McCarthy, and

Kerstin Porter.  

Produced By The Millionth Films

A special thanks to Apex Arts Studios  

Candlelit Cigarette

Two roommates have been quarantined in their apartment for weeks. When one begins to show symptoms the other shares a final meal, a final word and a final request. 

Cast: Emma Halleen as Rose, Allie McCarthy as Brooke

Directed and Written by Megan Rach


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